Join us at ReflectSpace Gallery for the opening of “Women and War: A Contemporary Art Perspective”, an exhibition that honors the 10th anniversary of the Korean Peace Monument in Glendale. This thought-provoking showcase, opening on July 29, brings to light the narratives of the ‘comfort women’ through the artistic expressions of three Korean artists, each addressing different temporal aspects of this critical issue.

Kim Chang Kyum revisits the past with his media art installation, capturing the essence of women’s experiences during the Japanese Colonial Period. His work, featuring the image of a woman amidst swaying waves, symbolizes the tumultuous lives of these women and serves as a powerful testament to their resilience.

Choi Chongwoon offers a present-day perspective, crafting a chair from materials imbued with history—water from the DMZ and soil from the graves of ‘comfort women.’ His augmented reality piece is a tribute to the Statue of Peace, creating an interactive experience that challenges historical denial and affirms the indelibility of memory.

Zu Do Yang contemplates the future with his collage photographic works, posing poignant questions about our progress on gender issues. His portraits, crafted using a centuries-old method, reflect the cyclical nature of human experiences, akin to Buddhism’s concept of samsara.

The exhibition also features Dutch photographer Jan Banning’s portraits of Indonesian ‘comfort women’ in the PassageWay Gallery, alongside works by Korean-American student artists, curated by Phyllis Kim of C.A.R.E. These diverse pieces expand upon the themes of ‘comfort women’ and their enduring legacies.

Curated by Monica Hye Yeon Jun, “Women and War” is not just an exhibition; it’s a dialogue that bridges history with the present and questions the future. The exhibit runs from July 29 through September 24, 2023, with an opening reception from 6 pm to 8 pm on the inaugural day.

ReflectSpace Gallery, co-curated by Ara and Anahid Oshagan, invites you to engage with this powerful narrative. A free dual-language exhibition catalog is available, ensuring accessibility for all visitors.

As we commemorate the Korean Peace Monument with a ceremony at 4 pm on July 29, let us reflect on the lessons of the past and the paths toward healing and understanding.

ReflectSpace Gallery 222 East Harvard, Glendale, CA Opening Reception: July 29, 6 pm – 8 pm Exhibition Dates: July 29 – September 24, 2023 Free Dual Language Catalog Available.